How You Can Live To Be A 100 Years Old

I’ve always wanted to live until I was well into my life. It’s been a dream of mine and I know many people out there would say it’s theirs as well. Senior citizens live happily. They’ve lived their life and experienced the hardships in life. They’re done. So now, all they do is relax and live carefree the way they want to.

Well, you can’t if you keep up the way you’re going. Sad but true, our modern society is slowly killing us. There are so many ways now that we can shorten our lives that simply did not exist before our world became so industrialized. That’s why you need to be careful. And how will you do that? With this article!

How Do I Stay Healthy?

The most obvious of these suggestions is none other than this giant surprise- Stop smoking! Smoking is a horrible habit that many people in our modern world struggle with. Personally, I know quite a few individuals that have let it completely envelop their lives due to the stress-free qualities that it offers. This may be true due to the nicotine it contains, but what’s most important is that you need to know how bad it is for your health. Firstly, cigarettes are filled with toxic chemicals such as tar. Once you smoke the cigarette, you’re inhaling the toxic compounds into your body via the respiratory system. Unfortunately for you once these chemicals are inside your body, they will never leave you.  You can end up with your windpipes lined with tar and various other health disasters, most common being cancer.

How about monitoring your food intake? Eating a vast array of unhealthy foods has become the new norm for us. This is detrimental as if you’re not careful you can easily become overweight, or even obese. Now, what’s wrong with being overweight is that you’re putting a lot of stress onto your cardiovascular system, especially if you’re a fan of fatty foods.

It’s also about what you drink. You may not know this, but cancer thrives in environments with low pH. That’s why it’s important to avoid soda and fizzy drinks as these substances lower the pH of your blood (along with foods that are high in salt and sugars) So, a great way to combat this is to drink a lot of water. Water is renowned for being one of the world’s best neutralizes so put this to use. And, if you really want to go at it, drink some alkaline water. My favorite alkaline water is from a company in Melbourne and Sydney called better choice beverage.

Make sure you get enough sleep. I know this is hard in our day and age as we’re all busy people with places to constantly be, but sleep is essential for your mental health. And, is when your body repairs itself. So, to be as well oiled as possible make sure you get those daily 8 hours.

So, are you excited to grow old?