How To Dress Your Newborn Baby: Mother Care Baby Advice

Babies are the most adorable little creatures on the planet and their clothes are possibly even cuter. Baby fashion throughout centuries was a statement. For the wealthy, it was a symbol of their wealth and power. For the less fortunate people, baby fashion was more often than not something practical and inexpensive like a cheap tunic. However, times have changed and while there are expensive baby clothes available, there are more affordable but very pretty clothes available too so people regardless of their income can purchase pretty clothes for their babies. However is pretty enough? Is that all your baby’s outfit needs to be?

The answer is no. Clothes for babies need to be functional. They have to be suitable for the baby’s movements and comfort. Therefore, here are a few things you need to know about how to dress your baby.

It Should Be Appropriate for The Season

Infants cannot regulate their body temperature properly so you need to swaddle then however as they grow, they are able to regulate their body temperature by themselves. Therefore, the most important thing a parent needs to do is make sure that the outfit is suitable for the season. Also pay close attention to the fabric. Summer would require airy clothes that are thin and keep a baby cool. So, try cotton frocks or one pieces. Also, make sure that they have adequate sun protection by using bedhead hats. For winter try jackets and wool sweaters, but do not layer on too much. You want your baby to feel comfortable and not be susceptible to overheating.

It Should Be Comfortable

Unlike an adult, a baby should always be comfortable. If they are not, they will be upset and so will you. Choose materials that are not rough or harsh on your baby’s skin. Remember your baby’s skin is very sensitive and delicate so they can become irritated and bruised very easily. So, choose materials that are gentle on your baby’s skin. Also make sure that an outfit fits your baby correctly. Baggy clothes can be heavy and hinder your baby’s movements while tripping them up. Clothes that are too tight can restrict their breathing and hurt their skin. It will also hinder their movements by constraining their limbs and not allowing them to be flexible. 

It Should Be Easy to Wash and Keep Clean

Taking care of a baby is not easy as they demand so much attention. Therefore, you really would not have enough time nor energy to hand wash clothes and iron them. So, they to purchase clothes that are machine washable and easy to remove stains from. The latter is particularly important as babies can be messy so unless you want clothes with stains on them, you should try to purchase clothes that are less prone to staining.

Ultimately parenthood is not easy but the truth is, it never will be. However, by being careful with the baby clothing, you purchase you will be able to ensure that your little one remains happy.