How Do I Sell My Gold? A Guide

Yes, we wear it as jewelry and have it around the house, but do you know how valuable it truly is? You’re sleeping on a gold mine if you don’t… it makes for a great investment and not many people know this. Now, if you’re in this category and are wondering how it’s such an investment, don’t be confused. Let me explain. It’s because gold prices are constantly fluctuating- it’s similar to land. So, if you buy gold jewelry for a set price, in 5 years it may triple in value. That’s why you need to take advantage of this. Get ready to make a pretty penny off selling it. But how exactly are you supposed to do this? You can’t just sell gold anywhere. Well, let me tell you what to do.

Find A Pawnbroker Near You

This truly is the easiest option. If you’re looking for a quick way to sell your gold, then a pawnbroker may be the way to go. Simply google the ones closest to you, such as pawn shop Melbourne and get ready to get some cash.

You can bring in quite a bit of money. However, pawnbrokers are not professionals in the gold industry, they instead deal with an array of various types of goods. This lack of expertise, as well as them being used to offering clients the lowest prices available (Because that’s how pawn shops work. They offer you the least value for a good in return for immediate cash in your hand) may cause you to get the lowest cash return for the gold in hand. But this does not mean the cash is a small sum- you’ll still be bringing in a huge profit.

What About A Jeweler?

This option is great if you have gold jewelry, unfortunately not if you own coins of gold or ornaments. If you choose to go with the option of selling your gold to a jeweler, you’ll be working with someone who is interested in reselling your jewelry. This may bring you one of the biggest cash returns as jewelers are experts in the field unlike pawnbrokers. However, they do not value your jewelry solely on the amount and standard of gold inside it. But rather the appearance of the item.

The Internet Is Your Friend

You may be shocked to hear that the best way to earn cash from your gold is through the internet. If you’re confused, probably wondering how it’s because of online gold shops. These online buyers can easily be found through a quick google search and call for you to mail your gold into them. It doesn’t have to be just gold jewelry, but also gold coins, ornaments etc.

They’re renowned for giving clients the biggest cash return as they’re an online entity, so they don’t have to deal with the costs of running a physical shop.

You’re lucky to have such valuable assets with you. Don’t disregard them. Put them to good use.