Body’s systems sabotaged with prolonged poor dental hygiene

The worse that could happen when you don’t maintain your oral hygiene is having stinky breath or yellowish teeth, or tooth cavities at most, isn’t it? No; it’s not even remotely close. The entire body is going to get affected when you ignore your oral hygiene, and that’s exactly why it’s so important to visit a dental clinic when the time is right.

So, what are the systems of the body that will be sabotaged with prolonged poor oral hygiene?

The brain and nervous system

Being confident as a person helps us get through the day better. But how can you afford to smile wide when you know you’d end up exhaling bad breath, and the other person will see your yellowish teeth? The direct tool it takes on your mental health is going to affect your brain.

On the flip side, there are much more severe conditions such as dementia that can be caused due to the interconnected inflammations between the gum disease and neuronal components of the brain.

The respiratory system

Due to the harshness and the severity of the Australian climate, you might even know that you have respiratory issues in the first place. But for those who already have a respiratory matter, we highly recommended visiting a reliable dental clinic.

With the direct connection of pneumonia and acute bronchitis to gum disease, you simply don’t want to let your unclean mouth make you breathe even difficult now that you’re struggling with masks.

The blood circulation system

The heart is the headquarters of the blood circulatory system, and the veins that carry blood ought to be functioning at the ideal flow rate for the heart to function as it should.

Hence, when bacterial components enter the bloodstream via the gums of your mouth, these blood veins and arteries will be clogged. If plaque was included along with the bacteria, the risk further increases. That’s how people who end up with no heart disease history end up with heart diseases.

The reproductive system

Most Australians will be alarmed to hear how the flow of the genitals is blocked with the inflammation of the blood vessels caused by periodontal bacteria. But what does this blockage actually cause? What it causes is none other than erectile dysfunction.

This is why you should pick a reliable dental clinic, not an individually practicing dentist. One recommendable clinic can be found at, and you’d have everything you need under one roof.

The skeletal system

The similarity between periodontal disease and osteoporosis is the loss of bone tissue. Several clinical experiments have been finally able to conclude on the fact that periodontal inflammation not just affects the oral jaws but the most vulnerable bone structures of the body – and osteoporosis risk areas definitely belong there.


In conclusion, you don’t deserve any of these troubles – definitely not because of oral hygiene. In considering all these complications, it’s obvious that it would cost you a little fortune to recover. That’s just how important dental hygiene really.