10 Uses for Crystals and Gemstones That You Can Sell at Market Stalls

Looking to widen your product selection for your market stall? Known for their spiritual properties and picture-perfect aesthetic, crystals and gemstones have been gaining popularity over the last few years, you can almost guarantee they’ll be flying off your shelves!

Crystals are semi-precious stones and are found naturally in various locations around the world, they can also be manufactured in labs by using genuine crystals. Each crystal is known for their specific spiritual properties, such as amethyst being known for its protective and calming powers, or rose quartz, known to be the stone for unconditional love and healing.

No matter what crystals you are looking to stock here are a number of uses and suggestions to help sell your products.

  1. Geodes
    Geodes are a spherical rock, the internal cavity is lined with vividly shimmering colours of the crystals. Geodes come in a range of sizes, from palm sized to half the height of an adult! Prices vary based on size and type. Geodes generally require no effort from you as they are sold ‘as is’. They make the perfect eye-catching addition to any shelf.
  2. Crystal Bracelets
    There are many benefits to wearable crystals, as the user is able to harness the spiritual power of the crystal whenever it is being worn, plus they make a super cute accessory! Available in a variety of patterns and styles these can be an affordable option to stock, especially if you can get your hands on wholesale crystal chip bracelets.
  3. Make up brush holder
    Tumbles are smaller sized crystals which are tumbled in a machine until the edges become smoothed. They have a variety of craft uses, one of which can be a decorative makeup brush holder. Using a clear firm plastic or glass case, fill the container until you’ve reached your desired amount of crystals, once full, the brushes will be securely held in place by the stones.
  4. Necklace
    A small crystal can be attached by wire, macrame or other decorative methods and then attached to a necklace. There are a variety of materials that can be used as the necklace, such as leather, twine, rope or pre-made necklaces. Necklaces are a popular item as the user can clearly have their crystal on display for all to see.
  5. Keychains
    Using methods similar to creating a necklace, the semi-precious stones can be wrapped carefully using wire or macrame cord and attached to keychains. Assorted sized tumbles can be used in the keychain, this can be a helpful product to use up any leftover gems.
  6. Crystal bottle stoppers
    For the spiritual vino-lover, crystal bottle stoppers make a gorgeous gift. There are a variety of bottle stoppers available, such as stainless steel or if you’re looking for a more natural material, you could use cork. Ensure the top of the stopper has a flat surface as well as your chosen gem and adhere with super glue.
  7. Crystal magnets
    With many uses, decorative crystal magnets can be used on the fridge, wall planners or inspiration boards. This is a simple task, selecting either a variety of smaller gems or a bigger gem with a flatter surface and adhering them to magnets of your desired shape.
  8. Rings
    Adding a pop of colour to any outfit, rings can be a subtle yet stunning accessory, Using basic wire wrapping techniques, small gems and crystals can be wrapped with wire and shaped into beautiful rings. Don’t forget to make a variety of sizes!
  9. Dream Catchers
    A beautiful gift or bedroom accessory, gemstone dreamcatchers are popular among all ages. Using ribbons, cord, feathers and gems and any other craft materials you have on hand, dreamcatchers can be generic or customised to your client.
  10. Mystery Crystal candles
    Candle making is a fun craft, why not utilise your existing skills (or learn some new ones) and create some beautifully scented candles with a surprise crystal at the bottom. Once the candle melts down, the mystery gem will appear.

Market stalls can be a daunting experience for anyone, but they can be a great way to show off your dazzling products and gain more potential customers and followers. Make sure to have business cards on hand to help with the promotion of your online business – sometimes customers might not purchase on the day, but can in the future, so it’s important to present yourself and your products with pride. If you’re considering selling crystals and crystal crafts at your next market, be sure to try out some of these products and ideas next time.

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