Essential Baby Gears You Should Invest In

Babies don’t really care what things you buy for them. For instance, it doesn’t matter to them if they look cute with the clothes they wear, if you have matching theme for the nursery, and other things that you prepare before your little one comes out into the world.

What matters most to them is the care you give them and the comfort that they feel. Although shopping for baby gears is an exciting experience, you don’t really need to break the bank to get all that you need. Here are some of the basic baby gears you must have to enhance the care you can give to your child and even make it easier and more convenient for you and your little one.

Swaddling Blanket

Being out of the womb during the first few weeks can be daunting for your newborn. Unlike inside the womb, the outside world is colder and not that cosy for your baby. To help him feel comfortable while he’s still adapting to the new environment, swaddling your newborn greatly helps. You can use any blanket but a good swaddling blanket is designed to make everything easier with Velcro and flaps for a snug swaddle.


Some parents think that pacifiers are not that essential when preparing for a new baby. However, this little baby gear gives an instant calming and soothing effect even for the fussiest baby ever. You can use it as a distraction or to keep your baby calm while you’re still preparing a bottle of milk. You can also teach your baby how to self soothe at night with the use of a pacifier. Keep your little one safe by buying only ecofriendly baby products at Eat Sleep Play Kids.

Baby Wrap

Lots of babies love to be held by their parents because it gives them a feeling of security and safety. However, if your little one wants to be held for the whole day, it might be inconvenient if you do it the conventional way. Make the task easier and more convenient by using a baby wrap to keep your little one close to you anytime he or she wants.


Instead of making a nursery for your little one which would cost you a lot, why not invest in a good co-sleeper instead? Babies love to be close to their parents as much as possible, which makes co-sleeping a great option to consider for parents. You can choose either a co-sleeper bed or just a co-sleeper bassinet, whichever works well for you and your baby.

Breast Pump

Breastmilk is the best for your baby. However, for working moms, it could be hard to achieve this without the help of a trusty breast pump. Just pump breastmilk in advance and store it in the fridge. You can now be assured that your baby gets good nutrition even if you’re away for work.

Investing in the necessities can help you take care of your baby more and make the parenting challenge a little lighter than it was.