Tips for Maintaining Your Home Furniture

Maintaining furniture is a task that has to be carried out in order to preserve the quality of the items. Cleaning the surfaces of the house such as walls and floors can be an easy task. But cleaning furniture can be complicated due to the different materials, textures and shapes that they come in.

Most people regard furniture cleaning as an unnecessary task but just like the floors, they can accumulate dust, debris and other allergens. There is also a higher chance for bacteria to develop as the furniture can absorb moisture and sweat. There can be a bad odour if you go too long between furniture cleanings. Doing surface cleaning for furniture can be easy as you will be dusting or removing stains from upholstered surfaces. But it will take time to carry out a deep clean. This is applicable for both indoor and outdoor furniture. When you are purchasing outdoor furniture Sunshine Coast, make sure you ask the manufacturer about the recommended cleaning routine that you need to carry out and the frequency of maintenance.

If you have pets in the household, your furniture can have a hard time as cats and dogs can damage furniture. Cats especially can claw certain furniture items and there can be scratches that can be hard to get rid of. Dogs tend to climb up on furniture so there can be damage done from their nails as well. If your furniture is upholstered, they can accumulate a lot of pet hair and fur in a very small time. You need to properly train pets so that they don’t ruin delicate furniture items. If you have a cat, you can groom them regularly to make sure their nails are not sharp enough to cause damage to the furniture. You can buy a separate scratching post that they can use instead.

There are different cleaning solutions recommended for furniture. It is best to stay away from bleach or detergent as it can discolour the furniture. Generally, it is recommended to use mild dish soap with water. You can put this solution on a clean cloth and wipe the furniture items. This can take some of the grime and germs on the surface of the furniture. You can use this for leather furniture as well. If there is a stain that you are not sure how to get rid of on your leather furniture, it is best to contact a professional as you don’t want to damage the material. Wooden furniture can fade over time so you need to polish them periodically. If possible, you can polish them each month but this may not be practical with a busy work life.

You need to be careful when placing hot or cold items on furniture. This is especially important regarding wooden furniture. If you keep a hot or cold glass of water on wooden furniture for a long time, there can be a permanent mark that will occur on the surface. Therefore, it is best to keep coasters nearby whenever there is a wooden table. You can use cork coasters as they will absorb the condensation from the glass. Hot items like plates and other server wear should be kept on a potholder. High temperatures can cause warping in wooden furniture.