Party Hacks To Make Kids’ Pool Parties Stress-Free And Fun

Kids parties can be stressful, and pool parties even more so. Here are a few of our tried and perfected tips to make this summer’s parties safe and fun for everyone!

Reel In Another Parent, This Is Not A One Man Show

Don’t make this harder on yourself by trying to pull off a pool party all by yourself. Not only will you have to organize everything, you will also have to double as a lifeguard while the kids are in the pool. This means you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off them; even for a bathroom break! Tap for a favor from a friend, neighbor or even a few parents of your party guests. Trust us, as far as you have a little “adult” food and entertainment prepared for them, they wouldn’t mind.

Be Prepared For The Unexpected

At least one of your party guests is going to forget their suit, sunscreen or even towels (even if you reminded their parents the night before the party); which generally results in tears or tantrums (if your guests are younger). Avoid this entire scenario by having a few extra suits on hand, as well as other pool essentials.

Effectively End The Endless Requests For A Drink

All that fun and activities kids put into their games will generally result in them getting thirsty very often. The problem is, they wouldn’t want to get out of the pool just for a drink of water. The result? You’ll be running in and out of the house complying to water requests. Make things easier on yourself and set up and “drink bar” close to the pool. Make sure it cannot be knocked into the pool, or you’ll have a bigger problem to face!

Stop Kids Wetting The Entire House When They Get Tired Of Being Under The Sun

Some kids can go hours simply splashing about, while others will like getting out of the water ever so often. While many pool areas have plenty of seating arrangements, the lack of shade in these areas will generally make your young guests choose to head indoors where it’s cooler. This will not be an issue if they wipe themselves well…which they don’t do. To avoid this situation, find tents for sale in Brisbane or hire them install them over at least half your pool chairs. This effectively creating shade right where the fun is.

Keep The Food Simple And Finger-Friendly To Make Cleaning Up Easier

Kids burn up their energy pretty fast in the pool and will need to be fed well in order to keep the party going. However, it can be tricky getting them to do so at the same time. To make sure everyone enjoys their food (irrelevant of the time they get to the food) and to ensure you don’t have a mountain of dishes to clean up afterwards, consider sticking to simple finger foods. Something that will provide them with more energy would be ideal.

Have A List Of Activities To Try For When You Hit A Slow Spot

Pool parties are not only about splashing into the water or racing from end to end. Though your party might successfully start this way, you’ll find the kids bored of doing this before long. When this happens, it’s best if you have a few games planned out; either in the pool or out.