Best Saturday night in Perth

Keeping a party lively and exciting requires much planning and effort. However, if you’re looking for something exotic to spice things up, adult entertainment is always a classic choice. Both men and women can enjoy watching a good strip show, an exotic dance or any similar performance as long as they are open and comfortable with the idea.

Strip shows aren’t just for men only. In fact, there are plenty of male strippers available out there to keep the ladies entertained during parties, mostly bachelorette night and birthdays. For those who are still trying out this new venue of entertainment, there are actually different branches of male stripping. If you’re planning to incorporate this kind of fun in your party, here are the different types of male stripping to help you pick which one suits your needs.

Private Party

As the name implies, this party is done in a private venue – it can be a house, hotel room, condo or even a bar. Unlike strip clubs where the stripper follows a set routine for a performance, private parties are more into interacting with the customers and keeping them entertained. Although there is no choreography to be followed, the stripper should be creative enough to bring life to the party and keep it going. Usually, one or two strippers are hired for private parties and an affordable choice for adult entertainment. You don’t have to worry for drinks and other expenses like you do when entering a strip club.

Strip Club

What strippers do in a strip club is slightly different from what you can have on private parties. In a strip club, the strippers are more like performers on stage following choreographed dance moves. Crowd interaction is lesser compared to private parties since there are more customers to entertain. As customers, you will have to follow the club’s set rules regarding their workers to avoid getting in trouble. In a strip club, the customers can enjoy watching lots of strippers on stage compared to private parties. Be ready for tipping and buying drinks and you’ll definitely have the best Saturday night in Perth with your ladies.

Dance Club

Club owners can hire male strippers to spice up the dance floor and give a little eye-candy for the customers. Unlike on strip clubs where the stripper is the centre of attention, here they are just around to dance and party with the customers. Simply put, it’s just like partying while getting paid. Gay clubs are well known to have this kind of entertainment to attract more customers.

There are different choices if you’re looking for a fun night of adult entertainment. Know which one you and your friends feel comfortable with so that no one gets left out of the fun. In the middle of all the fun, don’t forget to keep in mind the little details regarding pay, touching, kind of show allowed, and all the specifics stated in the deal. That way, you can keep out of trouble and fully enjoy a wild night.