5 Important Skills to Teach Your Child in Their Childhood

We believe that teaching your child certain skills for the betterment of their future, safety and survival is almost a duty of a parent. These are some such skills…

1. Basic Meals to Keep Them Away From Hunger When You’re Not Around

Most parents are terrified of kitchen accidents, so generally tend to keep their kids completely away from the kitchen until they hit their late teens. We however feel that instead of keeping them away from the kitchen and making them helpless by not giving them the right knowledge to feed themselves, parents should try to teach the right way to get around the kitchen under their watchful eyes. Start by teaching them a few basic recipes that require minimum ingredients they’d find at home at any given time. This way, at least your kids won’t starve if you get caught up in traffic or are unwell and unable to cook for them…!

2. Survival in the Water to Keep Them from Drowning

You don’t have to live by the sea to develop a healthy respect for the dangers of water. Even a vacation can feel stressful if your child does not know how to swim, and you have to constantly keep watch on him. The important thing to remember is that he need not be a perfect swimmer; just being able to survive is more than enough! If you’re beginning your swim lessons in their early childhood, make sure you use a swimsuit that is not only comfortable, but will also keep them cosy in the water. Opt for a brand like Tyoub that is exclusively for children’s swim needs. 

3. Basic Self Defence to Protect Themselves Wherever They Will Be

We parents tend to act like a shield around our children whenever we sense danger. Unfortunately, the world is vast and the dangers are many; and we cannot be around our children at all times. To ensure they have a fighting chance against the evils of the world, enrol them for basic self-defence lessons. It is up to them to protect themselves¾but you can ensure that they have the tools to defend themselves when the opportunity rises…

4. Map Reading Skills So They Learn To Get Around By Themselves Fast

With today’s technology, and the speed that children pick up information, the chances of them getting lost in the world seems very little. However, it still pays to know to get from point A to B safely. Instruct them about how to get home or to safety during an emergency. Help them form a plan of action if they are stranded without a mobile phone or device that can help them find out where they are.

5. Strong Language and Communication Skills So They Are Never Afraid To Speak Up

One of the biggest factors that affects your self-confidence as a grown up is the inability to communicate clearly and confidently. This can be avoided if you teach your children the skills of communicating clearly from a very young age. Encourage them to speak their opinion, and speak in front of strangers and a crowd. Language lessons can also help a great deal in making them feel confident about communicating.