Educating Your Little One: Where Does It Start?

Education, in the modern sense, could be simply described as learning through experience. Every child is exposed to education as soon as they’re born. The initial stages in a child’s life is quite crucial, for the experiences at this stage can determine a lot of things in the rest of her life.


Children begin to learn thing the moment they are born. When a baby comes out into the world, leaving her cosy womb, every little encounter afterwards becomes an experience. With every little experience, learning takes place. She begins to learn what the temperature around her is going to be like, and that she’s never going go back to the kind of warmth she was in for 9 months. She begins to understand how things have changed, and she starts to hear and see things, and figures out that these common things are going to be around her all the time.

As she grows up, she develops better understanding of her surroundings. As parents and guardians who are always with her, you need to make a little bit if effort to enhance her learning that takes place at home. Exposing her to various objects and people, gradually, gives her the ability to identify and understand little concepts. This means children learn naturally and spontaneously at home, even though you don’t go out of the way to stress on it.

Pre School Education

Experts recommend that babies and children should be sent to preschool or day-care when they get to a certain age. The idea behind this recommendation isn’t very simple. Many adults, even parents believe that preschool & daycare are places of convenience where working folks drop their kids off at, and pick them up later. However, the concept of a day-care or preschool is that these educators take responsibility of creating the learning experiences for kids, especially when they are likely to miss out on them owing to many reasons.

The reason why children of working parents are sent to day-cares is because they want to ensure that these kids don’t miss out on essential learning and experiences which they may not be able to obtain hundred percent of it at home. In these institutions, professionals take up the responsibility of enriching and nurturing young children with the best possible experiences that promote significant learning and development.


Even though you may not actually know, the professionals at the daycare or preschools are likely to be more educated and qualified than you are. Think about it, they sit with your kids all day and engage in vivid, diverse activity that influences your child’s behaviour, personality, and beliefs, in a completely positive way of course.

This is no simple responsibility, nor is it simple to succeed in, unless of course, you are an amazing expert with loads of creativity, ideas, and logic in your head. Thus, you realize how much it takes to help a child grow and develop, which proves how extremely professional and experienced the folks at your child’s daycare could be.

As you see, children learn and remember things better when they are young. This, it is vital that young children are exposed to environments that will prove useful and that are filled with positivity.