Beating The Blues Of Social Distancing During The Pandemic

When year 2020 dawned, no one expected that almost half of it would comprise of social distancing, staying indoors, and working from home. However, pandemics or natural disasters as such do not come knocking. They will arrive as suddenly as they disappear. At the moment, we are still waiting for it to disappear, and while waiting you might want to think about ways to beat the blues of this social distancing situation.

Does Your Employer Allow Working From Home?

Most of us are advised to stay at home, however if your workplace needs you and you need to go to work to earn a living, you have to find alternative ways to do it. While the country is not in a lockdown like some others, it is best if you can find a way to stay indoors and minimize social interactions. In that, if your employer allows working from home, it is the best method to follow at the moment.

This is easier if you are working for industries such as IT, as a software engineer or related profession, or if you are a teacher where you can conduct online sessions and so on. However, if you run your own business selling food items, you might want to rethink the strategies of operation during these times. One way is to start your own delivery service to bring food to those who are stuck at home.

Make Use Of The Myriad Of Options Online

Think of what you missed. Surely there are so many of your past friends that you wanted to have a chat and just couldn’t find the time. Or your family members who are somewhat far away that you didn’t get to meet for a long time. Of course since the health advice is to limit traveling and meeting people, you can use one of the online options to meet them. The beauty of modern technology is that you can see and talk to people thousands of miles away just like when you are in their presence physically.

You can use these online options to do many more things, such as catching up on stuff that you always wanted to learn. If you are a teacher and always wanted to know how to create a video tutorial, this could be the time that you learn and execute it.

You might be starting a new channel to teach. The advantage is that you might find an income source through that channel you created. Similarly if you are working mother, and you always wanted to try out new food but didn’t have time, now is the time to go online and find out those recipes and try them out at home. This could be an ideal way to bring the family together and enjoy a nice home cooked meal as well.

Gift Priority To Yourself

It is easy to lose yourself in the hustle and bustle of a busy work day. There was precious little time dedicated to yourself. What were the things that you always wanted to do? Learn to play a musical instrument? Try visiting music stores near Melbourne, if you are in the area.

You can get the help of the store assistants in picking up what you like and learning how to play it. There are many ways as such to earn a self-satisfaction when you take some time for yourself.

In this difficult time dedicating some time for “you” will open an opportunity not only to develop yourself but also to look objectively at what is important in your life and give priority to yourself.