How Do You Reduce Your Heating Bill?

If you’re the owner of a home, you want to save as much as possible on heating bills. The unfortunate truth is that, when winter comes around, your bill is going to skyrocket. That’s why you’ll enjoy having this article by your side as we’ll be going through everything you should know.

Get A New Boiler

You may have a boiler that’s quite old. If this is the case, you’re letting your heating bill be much higher than it should be. The old boiler may be bad at energy efficiency which is why it’s not keeping you warm but running a high bill.

When looking for a new boiler, it’s important that you get one that’s a very new model. As time goes by, technology progresses, so the newer model would be the most efficient at its job.


To make sure the room is as warm as possible, you should ditch your old curtains. The curtains you may have could be very thin. This thickness lets heat easily escape from the room. What’s more is, when it’s summer, it lets warm air in.

Not only should the new curtains be very thick, they should be made from a material that’s known to be good at insulation, such as wool.

Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows are a god-send. You definitely should get a hold of them if you’re planning on saving on your energy bill.

The double-glazed windows have a gap between each sheet of glass. This gap acts as a vacuum preventing heat from leaving.

Aluminium Doors

Along with double glazed windows, you should have aluminium doors installed. The doors go hand-in-hand with the double glazing.

The material is very insulating. It will keep you warm and toasty. What’s more is, it’s incredibly easy to clean as all you’ll have to do is wipe it down.

This ease is great when it’s very cold as you don’t want to be doing too much work.

Speaking to large names, these guys will look after you and make sure the doors look great as well.

Where Is Your Sofa?

You should check where your sofa is. It should preferably be very close to your window. This is as the window is the warmest part of the room.

Many people aren’t aware of this which is why their seating is at the corner of the room, making them feel cold.

Switch on The Fan

This seems counterproductive, but it’s not. Having a fan on will keep you warm as the blades disperses heat.

The faster the blades are at turning, the better heat flow you’ll have.

Get Some Sheets

Lastly, one of the best things you can do to stay warm is getting some sheets. You’re bound to have many at home, so wrap yourself in them and read a book or two. This will keep you warm without you blasting your heater.

As it’s so very easy to see, there are various means of saving money when it’s cold outside. So, don’t be afraid to utilize the above points.