How to Look and Stay Stylish During Pregnancy

For most women, looking fashionable during pregnancy can be quite a challenge. This is true especially when your favourite clothes don’t fit anymore because of your growing size. Investing on a few pieces of maternity clothes can help a lot since they are designed to fit and flatter your current body shape. However, not all of them are that stylish enough. Some styles don’t look nice or flattering, depending on the cut and shape. To help you out, here are some tips on dressing and choosing clothes stylishly for your pregnancy months.

Lose the Layers

When you’re pregnant, your body feels warmer than the usual so adding too much layers may not be necessary at all during this time. With your growing body size, wearing more layers can just make you look chunkier than the usual because it adds an impression of bulkiness to your silhouette. If you need to wear layers, keeping them to a minimum would do the trick.

Go for a Fitted Silhouette

One of the best silhouettes for pregnant women are fitted outfits since it makes you look slimmer, chicer plus it adds a touch of femininity to your look. Aside from avoiding too much layers, it is best to go for clothes that have a fitted look such as body-hugging dresses, and other similar styles. It shows off your baby curves while flattering your pregnancy shape at the same time. If you’re looking for the most stylish maternity wear Australia has one of the best shops you would want to check out.

Peplum Tops

If you’re fashion preference is more of the leggings and jeans type, peplum tops would be the perfect piece to pair them. It gives an impression of a slimmer figure on front view but it has a lot of room to accommodate your growing baby bump. Aside from that, peplums really look chic when paired with fit leggings or jeans, definitely perfect for casual days.

Highlight the Waistline

When you’re expecting, your body’s proportion looks different than before. However, you can still use styles that highlight your waistline such as belts or tie-knot tops. Adding a belt to your outfit gives a better proportion to your look. However, it should sit higher than the usual waistline that you consider – somewhere just above your baby bump. Aside from giving you better proportion, it also makes your legs look longer and slimmer for a chic silhouette.

Try Monotone or Colour Block Styles

Not all has the luxury of time to mix and match outfits everyday especially when you have a busy schedule. During busy days, you can still look stylish by going for monotone or colour block outfits. Aside from looking classy, it saves you time in matching the colours of your outfit pieces. Definitely a great pick when you’re in a hurry.

Looking stylish during pregnancy is definitely achievable. With these tips, you now have ideas on which pieces are best to invest in when you’re expecting.