Tips To Plan Your Dream Wedding

Planning a wedding is not an easy task. You will be busy with a lot of work, errands to run and people to call. And if you have no proper plan or organization, you will surely be in too much of stress making everything a mess. So if you are planning to tie the knot and bring about the celebration of your dreams keep the following tips in mind to make it easier for you.

Set Up Your Budget

Planning a budget for all the expenses you will have to bear should be one of the first tips you need to keep in mind. You will need to allocate money for all the different things you need to purchase or order. This includes your venue, attire, invites, decorations and catering. Setting up a budget will help you to decide how big you want the celebration to be, how many guests you want to invite and what is the venue you need to pick. It will also help you to steer clear of unnecessary expenses or getting carried away with your shopping.

Pick Your Venue

Decide the venue you and your partner wants to celebrate at. There are several creative venue ideas other than the traditional church which you can choose for your big day. Outdoor celebrations are becoming trendy these days. Some popular outdoor venues include the rooftops, beach and winery. You can also give a shot at destination weddings if that is your dream. The venue also depends on the number of guests that are attending as you need to pick a place that can host all of them. So make your guest list before you start to look into venues.


The celebration is not perfect without you looking your best. Before choosing the perfect gown, decide what are the styles and designs that will look best in your body shape. Look for gowns at Alana Aoun wedding dresses and check out the designs they have to find out what catches your eye the most. After the gown you can try matching other accessories such as the veil, headdress if you need one, jewellery and shoes. Make early appointments for your hair and makeup. Fit on the gown before the day to see if you need any alterations done. Do not wait till the last minute to figure out your attire.

Food and Beverages

Most of the time, this is supplied by the venue. In case it is not, you need to arrange this with caterers from outside. When planning your menu make sure to include options for everyone, there might be vegetarians or vegans, patients with diabetes, lactose intolerance and other conditions in your list of guests and they might not be comfortable with eating what you have included in your menu. So make sure to include dishes for them as well. If this is an outside wedding do not limit your drinks to the traditional ones. Try to include something like lemon to ward off the heat if the sun.

These are the basic steps in your planning that you need to remember. With the venue you will also have to talk about the decoration plan. Once you decide the number of guests you will have to print the invites. Amidst all these you cannot forget the cake either. Keep these tips in mind to make sure nothing slips you’re to-do-list.

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