The Easy Way to Block Mount A Photo

If you’re thinking about hanging up some photos of a cherished memory but don’t like the look of a picture frame, then consider having it mounted onto a block instead. Block mounting is a process by which a picture is fixed onto a solid board (most commonly Medium Density Fibreboard or MDF). This means that instead of a conventional frame, you’ll usually end up with a small outline.

Block mounting has several advantages over picture framing. For starters, the former can cost you half as much the latter. Therefore, if you have several pictures that need to be hung, this is a more budget-friendly option. In addition, if the pictures are going to go up on your kids’ room, block mounting may be the safer option. This is because the risk of injury from shattered glass is much less.

If you’re wondering whether you could block mount your pictures on your own, then the answer is ‘yes’! Just follow these easy steps and you’ll be done in no time:

Cut the Mounting Board to Size

You need to have the correct size of board for your photo. Hence firstly, measure the dimensions of the photo as accurately as possible using a tape measure. Then, using a pencil and a straight ruler, trace the cutting lines on the board, making sure that each edge forms a perfect right angle. To get an even cut use either a table or circular saw. If you’ve never worked with a saw before, we highly recommend that you hire a professional for the project. Simply look for the block mounting website of your local expert and get in touch.

Afterwards, you may need to use a piece of sandpaper to smoothen the edges. There are two ways to mount your photo on the board:

Use an Adhesive Paper

First, place your cut-out board on the adhesive paper, trace the boundary with a pencil and then cut out the required section of the paper using a pair of scissors. Afterwards, paste the paper onto the board. We recommend that you start by pasting the paper onto one edge and then work your way to the rest, making sure that its spread out evenly. Lastly, place the photo onto the adhesive paper.

Use an Adhesive Spray

Firstly, position your photo on the board and then place a weight on the top half to ensure that it’s firmly held in place. Then, roll up the bottom half and spray the adhesive substance on it. You may want to use newspapers to make sure that the substance does not get sprayed on your work station. Afterwards, press the sprayed half onto the board and transfer the weight onto this section. Finally, repeat this exact process with the top half.

Style the Board

All that’s left to do now is customize the board to your liking. You could, for instance, line up the edges with a decorative lace or paint the board in the colour of your choice.

If you haven’t completed many DIY projects in the past, then it might be tough to do this on your own at first. However, with enough practice, you’ll soon be able to block mount as many photos as you desire.

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