How To Soothe And Comfort Your Baby

As a new parent, there’s plenty of challenges waiting in store for you. Amongst the sleepless nights, weary mornings and the screaming of your newborn, your nerves are bound to get frazzled in no time. We don’t blame you, one of the toughest challenges of parenting lies in successfully soothing your baby when he’s irritated. Here’s are some tips you can use even when your baby seems to have been well-fed, rested and hydrated and still won’t settle down.


Your baby spent nine long months in your womb, secure and warm. So provided that you’ve ticked off hunger and sleep off the list, you can recreate this feeling of safety by perfecting the art of swaddling. By swaddling your baby, he should be wrapped in snugly with his arms secured by his sides. Once you’re done, this should create an effect that resembles the feeling of safety he felt in the womb. Gently rock him to quiet down the cries.

The Finger

Did you know some babies start sucking their finger in the womb itself? Sucking is a prominent reflex in babies for at least 3 months. It works quite similarly to a pacifier. Of course, some toddlers tend to revert back to sucking their fingers because it soothes them. Likewise, if your baby gets irritated, a quick fix would be to offer them a pinkie (make sure it’s clean first of course). By just touching the tip of your finger against his mouth you should be able to stimulate the process.

The Carrier

Especially when handling a baby in public (for example, when grocery shopping), purchasing a tula carrier Australia would really come in handy. Strapping on this carrier to your chest allows your baby to nestle close enough to hear your heartbeat, an extremely familiar sound which will be very soothing for him, as is the steady, gentle motion of you walking around.

A Distraction

Your baby actually comes from a very loud environment- your inner body. He would have developed to the sounds of your pumping heart, flowing blood and other noisy functions so introducing a bit of white noise when he’s irritated might just soothe him. Different sounds work for different babies- but some common ones include the vacuum cleaner or musical baby toys. Keep in mind that the noise has to be loud- definitely louder than the crying- to get their attention.

The Outdoors

Going outdoors will give your baby a change in pace and environment. There’ll be plenty of sensory stimuli that will grab his attention. Not to mention, the fresh air would probably do you some good.

The Dark

It’s quite easy for your little one to get overstimulated- there’s so many new noises, lights, and voices in the area that it can be a frightening experience. To soothe them you can try going to a darkened room, where the noises of the house can’t get to you and just hold your baby close to your chest.

These are some of the best ways you can soothe your baby!